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Health News Big Pharma Can’t Control

“What Doctors Don’t Tell You” is a magazine that shares therapeutic, scientifically backed health news and research with the public – all without a single dollar of Big Pharma ad money

In the digital age, many news outlets are struggling to recapture revenue lost since their print sales numbers have plummeted. One unfortunate solution has been a large increase in paid content, leaving consumers wondering: “Who is paying for my news?”

What Doctors Don’t Tell You” (WDDTY) – founded in 1989 by international best-selling author and investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart and her husband, former Financial Times journalist Bryan Hubbard – is a monthly magazine dedicated to sharing health news and research that most mainstream health outlets won’t touch because they’re funded by pharmaceutical ads. WDDTY doesn’t accept any ad money from Big Pharma, yet they have remained a top-three best-seller in Whole Foods for years. So, why did the huge health food chain suddenly drop them at a moment’s notice in spring of 2019?

Lynne and Bryan are standing up to serve as a voice for all people who believe in freedom of the press and want real, proven news stories rather than those paid for by drug companies who benefit from their illness.

Learn more at www.WDDTY.com.

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